Reusable Cover Diapers

Looking for a comfortable and eco-friendly cloth diapering solution for your little one? We have worked hard to create the best cloth diapers for your family. They are uniquely designed with soft and stretchy PUL, a thick back elastic, a curved tummy panel, and adjustable upper and lower hip snaps. Our versatile design allows you to customize the size of the waist and leg openings, providing a perfect fit for your baby, whether they have a small belly and chunky thighs or vice versa. Dino Diapers are truly one-size-fits-all, and will fit your newborns and toddlers throughout their entire cloth diapering journey.

Cloth diapers are a sustainable and cost-friendly diapering choice, and with a wide range of colors and prints, your little one can rock their fluff butt in style. Our user-friendly design makes them easy to use, wash, and care for, while our parent-friendly aesthetic and prints make them easy to love.

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