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Looking for an absorbent and versatile solution to go with your cloth pocket diapers or covers? Look no further than our 6 layer cloth diaper inserts.

Featuring an outer layer of Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ), these inserts are designed to keep your little one feeling dry and comfortable. If you're toilet training, the Bamboo Viscose Terry side is a great option, as it is perfectly safe to have against your baby's skin and won't wick away as much moisture in turn, encouraging your little one to use the toilet.

With 5 thirsty layers, these inserts are the perfect solution for your moderate wetter. Or, if you have a heavy wetter, simply use two inserts for added protection.

These cloth diaper inserts are not only highly absorbent, but also versatile. They can be used as an added booster, making them a great addition to your cloth diapering routine.

Choose our cloth diaper inserts for a reliable and eco-friendly diapering solution. They are easy to use, wash, and care for, making them a parent and planet-friendly option.

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